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More Nemesis movie details

Director Paul Anderson talks Resident Evil

In an interview with movie site The Arrow, director Paul Anderson has let slip some more details on what Resident Evil fans can expect from the second film. As we've reported in the past, the sequel will be subtitled Nemesis and as such is loosely based on the eponymous third game, with Paul promising "more of a fully loaded action movie" this time round. "Where the first one was sort of claustrophobic horror, Nemesis will be a lot more expansive. Nemesis will take place in one night in Raccoon City after it's been overrun with the undead. You have a group of survivors fighting for their lives and trying to get out of the city." And as one of the more entertaining (not to mention profitable) videogame movie adaptations to date, it's perhaps no surprise that the Resident Evil film franchise could continue beyond Nemesis to become a fully fledged trilogy. "I've got the idea for the three movies mapped out already", Paul told The Arrow. "They were always in the back of my mind. Now that the first movie did the business it did, the trilogy might become a reality." Related Feature - Jill Valentine meets Milla Jovovich?

Source - The Arrow