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Jill Valentine meets Milla Jovovich?

More Resident Evil movie sequel details emerge

The Resident Evil movie might only just have arrived here in Europe, but already work is well underway on the sequel. As we reported back in March, Resident Evil 2 will actually be based on the third game in the series, Nemesis, with the survivors from both the game and the movie coming together to walk into walls and spin slowly on the spot (probably). Now, talking to movie website Empire Online at the London launch of Resident Evil, Paul Anderson has confirmed that he's in the process of writing the script for the sequel and that production is expected to begin some time next year. Milla Jovovich has yet to confirm that she'll be returning as Alice, but when quizzed about this Paul told Empire "I certainly hope so - I'm writing her a kick-ass role at the moment, so she'd better come back". The director also confirmed some of the videogame characters who will be making it into the second movie, saying that "we're going to introduce Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira from the game and a few little surprises as well", in addition to the eponymous villain, Nemesis. But early rumours that Mira Sorvino will be taking on the role of Jill Valentine were apparently just that, rumours, as Paul won't be casting anyone until the script is complete. In the meantime, DVD fans should be in for a treat, with a Resident Evil double disc Special Edition set expected to feature commentary tracks, an alternative ending, a look at the movie's soundtrack featuring Marilyn Manson, and a horde of other bonus features. And of course fans of the videogame series that spawned the movie can look forward to the Cube version of the original Resident Evil finally reaching Europe in September. This may just prove to be the year of the zombies... Related Feature - Resident Evil's cinema Nemesis

Source - Empire Online (spotted on Dark Horizons)

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