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3DO to publish Xbox games

Now there's no escape

The Xbox today looks set to lose the moral high ground of being able to proudly proclaim itself the only platform not to have an Army Men game, with the announcement that 3DO has become the console's latest third party publisher. Just over a year ago CEO Trip Hawkins declared that the company had no intention of making Xbox games because of the high costs associated with developing across multiple platforms (yeah, you can really see the care and attention lavished on most 3DO games), but apparently he's had a change of heart since then. Ominously, Trip promised that 3DO would be "bringing some of our most popular brands, as well as new original titles, to this powerful system", which opens the way for a flood of dull Army Men games and ugly Might & Magic spin-offs. Meanwhile Microsoft's Ed Fries proved himself to be the industry's ultimate straight man by managing to utter the sentence "our quest to bring unparalleled gaming experiences to the player means partnering with top development talent" whilst talking about the 3DO deal, and all without so much as a twitch of a smile breaking forth from his stony visage. This man is truly a master of comedy. Related Feature - 3DO to announce Cube plans

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