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3DO to announce Cube plans

Mostly ports, but they do have some original stuff up their sleeve for once

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I'm gritting my teeth, but I'm okay. I can deal with this. It's just a personal taste issue. I'm sure somebody out there must buy and enjoy 3DO games, or they would just stop making them, right? So the fact that 3DO will announce today that it plans to become an official GameCube publisher is, ostensibly, a good thing. 3DO fans, pay attention! The company's first foray into uncharted territory comprises several late 2002 / 2003 releases, including Army Men, Cubix Robots for Everyone, Johnny Moseley Mad Trix and High Heat Major League Baseball. Other projects are also said to be underway. Trippy. IGN is reporting that one of these other, ambitious projects is called "Four Horsemen", a "mysterious, adult-themed project revolving around an ancient plague that has returned to claim mankind." Oh the irony.

Source - IGN

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