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Spy Hunter movie on the way?

Oh god, not another one

Universal Pictures has optioned the rights to create a film based on Midway's retro revamp Spy Hunter, recently released in 3D form on the PS2, GameCube and Xbox. Remarkably the game was apparently the subject of a three way bidding battle between rival studios, despite the fact that it wasn't that big a hit and doesn't exactly have an indepth plot and strong characters to offer a potential movie script. So it's perhaps appropriate that WWE superstar and part-time actor The Rock is currently in line to play the lead role of Alec Sects. "We're going to draw from the spirit of the next-generation game, but tailor the game to the Rock and his unique personality [sic]", co-producer Chuck Gordon proclaimed. "We'll bring the Interceptor car and all the cool vehicles and spy gadgets from the game to the big screen in a $100 million movie." Is the movie going to erupt on to screens in a cloud of smoke, machineguns blazing, or is it destined to be just another oil slick on the slippery slope from videogame to movie adaptation? Midway's Lawrence Smith believes that "this will be a huge film franchise", but we're somewhat more sceptical about the prospect. Related Feature - The Duke Rocks (apparently)

Source - Hollywood Reporter