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Colin takes to the track

Fourth teaser trailer shows off rally stages

The fourth installment in a series of minute long teaser trailers for Colin McRae Rally 3 has been released over at the Codemasters website. Titled "Track Shakedown", it shows off some of the stages that rally fans can look forward to driving on, with surfaces ranging from tarmac and gravel to snow and sand, and settings including Britain, Sweden, Finland, Japan and America. Along the way you'll find lush forests, twisting mountain roads, parched dust tracks, wet asphalt and snow-covered routes. Once again it all looks very impressive on the visual front, with the highlight this time probably being the huge plumes of dust thrown up behind the cars on some of the desert tracks, the billowing clouds looking uncannily reminiscent of some of the real TV footage of the recent Kenyan Safari rally. Which, coincidentally, was won by a certain Colin McRae. As usual, you can grab the trailer in a variety of sizes from the Colin McRae downloads page on Codemasters' website. Related Feature - Colin showcases cars