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Colin showcases cars

Another day, another teaser trailer from Codemasters

Codemasters have continued their recent run of minute long teasers with the latest installment of in-game footage from Colin McRae 3. Like the TOCA trailer released earlier this week, the focus this time round is on the cars themselves, showing off some of the sixteen vehicles you'll be able to get behind the wheels of this autumn. Cue some impressive shots of the various cars streaking through the countryside, sliding around on gravel tracks, bouncing down dirt roads and throwing up clouds of dust, brake discs glowing from the strain. There's plenty of reflectivity and environment mapping on show, as well as highly detailed car models, complete with drivers swaying around inside as they flash past. If this really is real in-game footage, we should be in for a treat come September 27th. To judge for yourself, grab the movie from the Colin McRae downloads page on Codemasters' website. Related Feature - Colin McRae rides again

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