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Real-time strategy and PS2 spin-offs for EverQuest

Sony Online continues its milking of the EverQuest franchise with the announcement today that Rapid Eye Entertainment is developing an EverQuest-based real-time strategy game for the PC, due out next autumn. Both companies are playing their cards close to their chests, so pretty much all we know at this early stage is that Rapid Eye are promising "a unique twist" to seperate their game from the horde of real-time strategy clones released over the last decade. But then, they would say that, wouldn't they? Rapid Eye itself is mostly made up of escapees from New World Computing, veterans of the Might & Magic and Heroes series, although its designers' CVs also include games such as Dungeon Siege, Delta Force and Eye Of The Beholder. Hopefully they can blend those influences to bring us the great gameplay of Heroes with the graphics of Dungeon Siege, rather than vice versa. Meanwhile, the same press release from Sony also mentions a forthcoming PlayStation 2 spin-off, under construction by Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance developers Snowblind Studios. Just about all we know about this one so far is that it isn't the already announced EverQuest Online Adventures. What it is, what it's called or when it's due out remains a mystery. Related Feature - Sony announces EverQuest for PS2

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