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Sony announces EverQuest for PS2

EverQuest Online Adventures to be first online only PS2 game, due in spring 2003

Sony Online Entertainment has announced the first online only PlayStation 2 game, scheduled for release in the States at least in spring 2003, and it's EverQuest - what else? EverQuest Online Adventures is a completely new title developed from the ground up, and it will require the Network Adapter to run (although there is no word on whether the hard disk will also be required, our guess is not). Players will be separated from their classic EQ brethren in an adventure set in the land of Norrath 500 years before the PC game, and the developer is promising "millions" of possible character combinations, nine playable races and thirteen classes amongst 'em, not to mention customisable genders [surely that one's a pretty simple choice - Ed] and facial features. Furthermore, the game will not just feature realistic day / night cycles, but an actual weekly cycle of light covering 360 square miles of play area, which in turn is made up of eight terrain types and nine cities. There will be no such thing as load times, and no modem support if Sony is to be believed. We've been scratching our heads for weeks over how Sony might convert the masses to its networked way of thinking, but if ever there were a way of doing it, it's EverQuest. Related Feature - EverQuest : Ruins of Kunark review

Source - IGN

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