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Big Scale, little cars

Another radio controlled racing game on the way

Typical - you wait three years for a decent RC racing game, and then two of them come along in the space of a couple of weeks. While PlayStation 2 fans can look forward to Smash Cars, PC owners are now being serviced by Dutch developer BumbleBeast, who are planning an August release for their Big Scale Racing. The game features ten highly detailed one fifth scale radio control cars and six real life race tracks to pilot them around, along with a wide selection of AI opponents to race against and the traditional choice of training, quick race and championship modes. Multiplayer support for up to eight players over a LAN is also on the cards, as well as two player split-screen action. If you just can't wait to take some of these dimunitive cars for a spin, head over to the Big Scale Racing website and grab the free 24Mb demo version, which includes one of the game's tracks but only gives you a minute to get round it. Related Feature - Smash Cars

Aw, ain't they dinky?

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