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Smash Cars

Go on, you know you want to!

Motor racing games vary from super trucks to MicroMachines, but between these two extremes is the rarely visited topic of remote control racing. The latest game to fill this niche is Smash Cars from Metro3D and developers Creat Studio, who are promising high speed racing through a variety of outsized environments. Early screenshots of the game are quite impressive, with detailed settings varying from a missile silo and what appears to be a military airbase to a beach and coastal fortress, all inhabited by appropriate mobile obstacles such as soldiers, tourists and dogs. As you would expect these days, the game will feature a full championship mode, which allows you to earn money to upgrade your diminutive vehicle and unlock additional tracks. Smash Cars should be screaming on to shelves and ramming into your feet early next year. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the first batch of in-game screenshots. Related Feature - Smash Cars screenshots

We'll fight them on the beaches .. or something

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