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Colin McRae takes to the skies

New rally sim trailer shows off physics system

Codemasters have released another trailer for their forthcoming Colin McRae Rally 3, this time focusing [no pun intended] on what happens when everything goes horribly pear shaped. As the press release which accompanied the movie says, "when the flying Scotsman's car leaves the tarmac, there's no telling which way up it'll land". Included in the trailer (titled "Crew Report") is some rather impressive footage of the car sliding around corners in a cloud of dust, skidding off the track and flattening the plastic fencing, smashing into trees and losing various bits of bodywork, driving along with the bonnet flapping up and down in a rather worrying manner, and rolling over entirely in spectacular high speed crashes. Thanks to the physics system the driver and his navigator are thrown around inside the car as you bump along the course, and you can even see loose wheels wobbling as a damaged Ford Focus limps towards the finish line in one shot. The latest trailer can be downloaded in high (11Mb) and medium (6Mb) quality mpeg formats from the Colin McRae 3 website. Related Feature - Colin McRain Rally