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Colin McRain Rally

New trailer shows off weather effects for rally sim sequel

Codemasters have released a new one minute teaser trailer for their forthcoming rally sim Colin McRae 3, this time focusing on the game's weather effects. The footage included in the trailer shows the Ford Focus sliding down an icy woodland track with snow falling all around, kicking up clouds of dust on a sandy course and slithering along wet tarmac through narrow village streets. The smooth movement of the vehicles from the in-car camera looks quite convincing, but the most impressive aspect of the graphics is probably the nice effect caused by rain falling on your windscreen and being blurred by the rapidly moving wipers. It's the little things in life, you know? The trailer weighs in at a scant 6Mb in AVI format, and is available to download from Codemasters' website. Related Feature - Colin McRae Rally 3 screenshots (Xbox)