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The Case Of Call Of Cthulhu

Defunct German publisher threatens court action over horror game

Last week we reported that Call Of Cthulhu developers Headfirst were terminating their publishing deal with Ravensburger over alleged breach of contract. Unfortunately things are rarely that straightforward, and sure enough today a poorly translated press release arrived from the German publisher giving their side of the story and dismissing "deviant press releases and reports" to the contrary. Ravensburger Interactive (now a part of JoWooD) are treating the agreement as still being in force, claiming that it has "not been validly terminated by Headfirst". Ominously, the brief statement ends by saying that the company "reserves legal steps" to ensure it maintains publishing rights to the title and that any "unauthorized exploitation of the same" is blocked. Hopefully this will be sorted out in time to allow the game's planned release early next year, but having the threat of legal action hanging over their heads certainly isn't going to help Headfirst's efforts to find a new publisher for the game in the meantime. Related Feature - Shadow Over Cthulhu