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Shadow Over Cthulhu

Publishing contract terminated and game slips to 2003

British developers Headfirst Productions have put out a brief statement regarding the publishing status of their much anticipated Lovecraftian horror game, Call of Cthulhu. Originally the game was signed to Ravensburger Interactive to be released under their Fishtank label, but since then the company's line-up has been sold to Austria's JoWooD. When the deal was announced we assumed that Call of Cthulhu would now be published by JoWooD, along with other Fishtank games such as Arx Fatalis, but apparently that's not the case. According to Headfirst MD Mike Woodroffe, the developer has terminated its publishing deal with Ravensburger Interactive due to alleged breach of contract by the defunct German publisher, a breach presumably relating to the company's recent sale. Whatever the cause of the split though, the end result is that the game is now up for grabs once again, with Headfirst looking for a new publisher for their highly promising game. Meanwhile development work continues, with Call of Cthulhu now expected to emerge menacingly from its aeons long slumber some time early next year. Related Feature - Call Of Cthulhu preview

Source - Headfirst statement