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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Sci-Fi goes gaming

Another videogames TV series is spawned

The Sci-Fi Channel has revealed that it will be airing a new videogames TV series in the UK this summer as part of their Saiko-Exciting Saturday morning programming. The half hour show, imaginatively titled Sci-Fi Gamer, will debut on July 6th and appear at 10am every Saturday morning. Hosted by former BITS co-presenter Emily Newton-Dunn, the show will include everything from news and reviews to cheat codes, and won't be limiting itself to sci-fi games - the press release even makes mention of (brace yourself) Britney's Dance Beat. "Gaming is now the key entertainment source for the youth market and yet, with so much choice available no one is delivering the required standard of honesty when scrutinising gaming content", Tor McLaren of Sci-Fi Channel owners USN pontificated. "Sci·Fi aims to redress the balance with the attitude of SFG. Having Emily on board is a huge boost for the show. She is well known within the gaming industry and her expert knowledge will ensure SFG is topical, interesting and at times, brutally honest. She is not scared to speak her own mind." Whether this latest attempt at a videogames TV series will prove to be a resounding success or another Blam-like disaster remains to be seen, but all should become clear in a couple of weeks when the show makes its first appearance. Related Feature - Myst : The Mini-Series

Source - press release