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Xbox software price cut

Only for a limited range of titles though

Microsoft this morning announced that it will be cutting Xbox software prices as part of a summer promotion to "bring even more value to gamers". The bad news is that only five Microsoft published games are included in the promotion at this point, and although it's nice to see the ever popular Dead Or Alive 3 and Project Gotham Racing reduced to £39.99 / €59.99, the other three games being discounted are somewhat less inspiring. Both Azurik and Nightcaster have received mixed reviews and failed to set the charts on fire, while NBA Inside Drive 2002 is likely to prove less popular in Europe than in basketball-mad America. "These titles have done very well for us, and all have appeared in and around the top-ten Xbox sales charts", Xbox Europe VP Sandy Duncan pronounced, before stretching his credibility somewhat by claiming that "we have also received an overwhelming response to these games through reviews and awards, proving that both the industry and consumers love Xbox and its games portfolio." Whether this heralds a rethink on Xbox software pricing remains to be seen, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to bring the cost of Xbox games in line with the competition. Microsoft expects more than 150 games to be available for the Xbox in Europe by Christmas, but as many of those will be available more or less simultaneously on all three console formats, it seems a bit much to expect punters to fork out an extra £5 for the Xbox version. Related Feature - Xbox price cut buoys sales

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