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Xbox price cut buoys sales

Still no sales figures, but market share revealed

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Microsoft finally has something to celebrate in Europe, with the announcement that the recent Xbox price cut has revived flagging sales of the console. Figures from the UK, France and Germany showed the Xbox running neck and neck with the PlayStation 2 in terms of unit sales during the week of the price cut, although obviously the GameCube launch last week has since left both Nintendo's rivals standing in a cloud of dust. Attachment rates have also risen, with ChartTrack figures apparently showing that an average of 3.7 games were sold with every Xbox following the price cut. "I'm glad that more gamers in Europe are able to experience Xbox for themselves", Xbox Europe VP Sandy Duncan proclaimed. "The new price allows us to be more competitive and make serious inroads into the hearts of European gamers leading up to Christmas 2002. As we've said before, this is a marathon, not a sprint. These initial figures are extremely encouraging, but it is delivering great games and great experiences to hundreds of thousands of happy consumers in Europe over the long term that is our most important goal, and we will continue to drive initiatives to continue this cycle of success." Related Features - Cheap At Half The Price

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