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Repton returns (again)

New GBA and PC versions also in the works

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Last week we learned that British developers Masabi were bringing Repton to the latest PDAs and Java compatible mobile phones, and being huge fans of the original BBC Micro games we tracked them down to find out exactly what they had planned. We got more than we bargained for though, as Superior Software boss Richard Hanson revealed that PC and GameBoy Advance versions of Repton are also "in the final stages of development". Details of the company's resurgence are scarce at this stage, but Superior Software will apparently be launching a new website in the near future with more information about the new Repton games, as well as possible conversions of other classic BBC Micro titles that they published back in the 1980s. Exile Advance, maybe? In the meantime though, enjoy our Mobile Repton interview with Richard Hanson and Masabi's Ed Howson, which covers everything from Repton's classic gameplay and level editing facilities to the advantages of networking the game's community and the possibilties of bringing Superior Software to the GameBoy Advance. Related Feature - Repton returns!

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