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Repton returns!

Mobile phone and PDA versions of classic BBC Micro series on the way

Here's an amusing little fact for you - my first tentative steps into the world of videogame journalism came at the tender age of nine, when I wrote a fictionalized walkthrough of the first level of Repton for my school magazine. Flash forward some sixteen years and Superior Software's classic BBC Micro platform puzzler is being brought back to life on PDAs and the next generation of Java-compatible mobile phones, courtesy of Masabi. Once again players will take control of the reptile-like hero Repton as he wanders around colourful mazes clearing soil, hoarding diamonds, opening safes, defusing bombs, escaping ghosts and shoving rocks over ledges to crush monsters. A massive 144 levels from the original Repton series will be included in the new mobile version of the game, along with several exclusive new levels designed for the re-release by Repton veterans. Mobile Repton will even include a modern web-based equivalent of the revolutionary editor that shipped with the original BBC Repton games, allowing players to create their own sprites and levels for the game and share them with other users. And you thought mod-making began with Doom. Shame on you. "Repton is Superior Software's highest-selling game series, and gamers continue to contact us asking if any new Repton sequels or conversions are under development", according to Superior Software founder Richard Hanson. "The game is as enjoyable and well-loved today as it has always been, and we are delighted to have made this licensing deal with Masabi to bring Repton to fans new and old, wherever they may wish to play." Expect to see Repton emerging from hibernation this summer. Now all we need is a GameBoy Advance version of Repton to put that upstart Mario in his place...

Source - press release