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Lara Croft II?

Tomb Raider movie sequel could be out next summer

While it received a critical slating from most quarters, the Tomb Raider movie did remarkably (worryingly?) well at the box office, quickly becoming the most successful videogame adaptation of all time. Unsurprisingly then, talk has been rife ever since that a sequel was on the way, with Speed director Jan de Bont signed up to helm the feature in recent months. And today more details have emerged. According to movie rumour site Dark Horizons, shooting could begin at Pinewood as soon as the end of August, with a summer 2003 release on the cards. There's also suggestions that "Cradle Of Life" is under consideration as the sequel's subtitle. Which would be a little ironic, as earlier reports suggested that lead actress Angelina Jolie's plans to start a family could get in the way of filming a sequel, although she neatly side-stepped that a few months ago by adopting a son instead of having her own. Meanwhile the official Red Dwarf website is reporting that Chris "Rimmer" Barrie will be returning as Lara Croft's butler in the sequel, claiming that "Chris was apparently such a hit in the first film that his role will be much increased this time round". Related Feature - Womb Raider

Source - Red Dwarf / Dark Horizons