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Womb Raider

Angelina Jolie talks about bringing Tomb Raider to the big screen, and why there may not be a sequel any time soon

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The record of computer games which have been turned into movies over the last couple of decades has been pretty poor - need we mention the dreaded "Wing Commander"? Or how about "Street Fighter"? The latest video game franchise to come to the big screen is "Tomb Raider", due out this summer, and judging from the trailers we have seen so far it actually looks surprisingly entertaining. But whether or not it manages to break the "film of the game" jinx, it looks like plans to turn it into a movie franchise may have to go on the back burner for a while.

In an interview with News of the World over the weekend, actress Angelina Jolie, who has squeezed herself into Lara's trademark tight shorts for the movie, revealed that she isn't keen to reprise the role just yet. "I miss my husband terribly, it got to the point when we just screamed at each other with frustation down the phone, unfortunately he hates flying so he hardly ever comes over and see me". Aw, bless. But wait, there's more - Angelina is apparently considering having a baby with her new husband, and as she points out "I won't be able to get pregnant and then do Lara Croft straight away again, so I have a lot to think about!"

There are upsides to playing Lara Croft though, apparently. "Lara's sexuality belongs all to her and I love that she's all woman. She's curvy and shakes her hips but she's smart and not going to let anyone take advantage of her. Playing Lara has made me so much more athletic. My body has changed - I am so much fitter now, I've been working out so hard that I have finally got a backside and breasts."

Source - Dark Horizons

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