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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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Eye Of The Beholder returns

Beauty is in the GameBoy Advance

Back in the mists of time, before the likes of Diablo and Baldur's Gate resurrected the role-playing genre, SSI were the lord of the dice. Although they're best known for the classic Gold Box series of the late 1980's that included the original Pool Of Radiance, SSI were also one of the first companies to introduce a first person viewpoint to computer role-playing games with 1991's Eye Of The Beholder. Now this piece of Dungeons & Dragons history is being brought back from the beyond, with a new interpretation due out on the GameBoy Advance this autumn courtesy of Pronto Games and Infogrames. Once again players will be called upon to deal with an evil afflicting the city of Waterdeep, but with revamped dungeons to explore, additional side quests to complete and an update to bring the game's character development and combat in line with the latest Third Edition AD&D rule set, it's much more than just a straight port. Time to start polishing those d20's... Related Feature - D&D Heroes on the way

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