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D&D Heroes on the way

We could be heroes, just for one d20

Infogrames has started to exploit its exclusive Dungeons & Dragons license to full effect, with the announcement today of a new console game titled Dungeons & Dragons Heroes. Heading to the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube this autumn, Heroes will "take gamers on an adventure of epic proportions", with up to four players battling side by side. Based on the latest third edition rules, the game will allow players to act as fighter, wizard, cleric or rogue, with a wide choice of skills and feats to choose from and plenty of monsters to slay. Heading up the team at Infogrames' Hunt Valley studio is Wizardry 8 veteran Brenda Braithwaite. "What we are doing with Dungeons & Dragons Heroes is designing a game with a decidedly action-oriented flair that will be easy for even a new player to grasp but will immerse the seasoned D&D player in an authentic D&D adventure that will give them the same feeling they experienced with the classic tabletop roleplaying game", according to Brenda. "Each new game will be a different and exciting experience depending on the mix of characters players choose to venture out with, giving the game great replayability." Naturally the game will be on show at Infogrames' stand at E3 next week. The rest of us will have to make do with staring at the game's teaser site until more information is released.

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