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Myst goes Online

Another bizarre massively multiplayer game surfaces

Ubi Soft officially announced today that Myst Online is on the way, with a launch planned for some time next year. Yes, everybody's favourite point-and-click adventure game series (eleven million copies sold, and counting) is going massively multiplayer. I think we can safely assume that slaughtering hordes of monsters and power-levelling isn't likely to be a big part of this one, and developers Cyan are promising "a journey that will never end", with rich storylines, constant updates and fresh content on the cards. "Myst Online uses our proprietary technology to build a place that is so responsive and immersive, people will feel impelled to share their adventure, both in the game, and the next day at work or school", Cyan World founder Rand Miller declared. "This is the culmination of years of world building. Everything we've learned from our earliest worlds we've poured into Myst Online, building a universe that is growing, breathing, and alive. It's a massive undertaking, and we're excited about working with Ubi Soft to make it a reality." A novel concept for a massively multiplayer game, or just another cash-in on the fading Myst franchise? We should know soon. Related Feature - Myst : The Mini-Series

A massively multiplayer adventure game?

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