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Zelda slips, Metroid rocks

Uppers and downers for Cube owners

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Zelda has slipped from December of this year to February 2003, IGN is reporting. No reason has been given, but development delays on major Nintendo products are hardly unusual. In better news, during MSNBC's appraisal of the console war, the writer gushes about Metroid Prime: "Nintendo allowed MSNBC to play through the first level of Metroid Prime, and the game far surpassed all expectations. A first-person perspective adventure, this game stands poised to do for GameCube what the multimillion seller GoldenEye 007 did for Nintendo 64." Although it's a bit of a cliché to use the GoldenEye comparison, this is exciting news. The only question that remains is, what were their expectations? Related Feature - Miyamoto on Zelda and Mario

Source - IGN and MSNBC

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