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Miyamoto on Zelda and Mario

Few changes per se, but some interesting titbits

Shigeru Miyamoto has clarified the rumours surrounding the GameCube version of Zelda. Special Reserve's online gaming magazine, amongst others, recently speculated on the future of the franchise, hinting that the veteran games designer at its helm may have been struck by a change of heart after the Space World 2001 reaction. Speaking to a Dutch journalist, Miyamoto-san explained that "rumours about a more realistic style of graphics [originating] on the Internet are incorrect," going on to say that E3's playable demo will be "practically identical" to the footage released so far. "However, I have made some adjustments to Link's eyes." Miyamoto-san believes gamers will start to appreciate Zelda's visuals once they get into the swing of the thing, explaining that "you can only truly understand it once you play it." The creator of many an interminable series, Miyamoto-san has also revealed a couple of details about Mario Sunshine, specifically "that that thing on his back is indeed sort of a water gun," and that the control system is "largely based on Super Mario 64's". And since it was a Dutch journalist, Miyamoto-san commented, "[Mario will] definitely be launched n Europe this year." Related Feature - Another day at Space World

Source - The GIA