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Lara raises £4,400 for charity

Outfit bought by merchant banker .. sorry .. international tax specialist

The Lara Croft auction held by Eidos and Core Design last week has raised £4,400 for UNICEF. Dozens of bidders from around the world tried to get hold of the original Lara Croft outfit, worn by model Nell McAndrew in the late 1990's, but the eventual winner was one Paul Lai, described in Eidos' press release as "a successful international tax specialist". We're glad to hear him report that "I don't intend to wear the costume", but having won the auction his next task is apparently "to find a girlfriend with Lara's build". Good luck to him... On a more uplifting note, UNICEF's local fundraising manager Rose Nelson described her haul as "magnificent", saying that "the money generated through Lara's outfit will help UNICEF to continue working world-wide so that every child can reach their full potential". And at the end of the day, that's what counts. Related Feature - Lara Croft auctioned off for charity

Source - press release