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Lara Croft auctioned off for charity

Well, her costume anyway

Eidos have announced that they will be auctioning off the original Lara Croft outfit, as worn by Nell McAndrew way back in 1998, with all proceeds going to the children's charity UNICEF. For your money you'll get a ridiculously tight green rubber vest, a pair of equally tight khaki shorts, white wool calf-length socks (hopefully they've been washed since Nell last wore them), open-backed leather gloves, backpack, sunglasses and twin Smith & Wesson replica pistols with a belt and leather holsters. And of course the glowing feeling that comes from knowing you've just helped some poor deprived kids in the back of beyond. All of this will be guaranteed by an authenticity certificate signed by Nell herself as well as Eidos chairman Ian Livingstone, Core boss Jeremy Heath-Smith and UNICEF's Rose Nelson. The auction should kick off on eBay UK at noon GMT on April 26th, with the bidding war lasting ten days. For more details, check the auction page on Eidos' website.

Source - Eidos