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Namco allies with Nintendo

Great news for Cube owners, with Soul Calibur 2 and a new Ridge Racer game promised for early next year

Cube owners: forget E3. I don't normally find myself with reason enough to say that, but just forget it. Namco may have a few games lined up for the show, but they are nothing compared to the bomb the company just dropped on the Japanese gaming industry. Rumours were bandied around yesterday that the next Star Fox game for the GameCube would be co-developed by Nintendo and Namco, and that a Triforce arcade version would also be developed. This morning, the two companies confirmed the rumours, announcing a deal to co-develop and release the game in Japan during April 2003. What role Rare will now play in the series' future is difficult to say. Some consider this announcement confirmation of the British developer's multi-platform strategy. Apart from its Star Fox deal though, Namco also confirmed the rest of its GameCube line-up, and it's seizure-inducingly good. The ubiquitous Mr. Driller may be pencilled in for the end of the year, but Soul Calibur 2 is now scheduled for January 2003. Put that one in your diary. The biggest announcement by far though has to be a new Ridge series racing game, tentatively scheduled for release in March 2003. If we're a bit late with this news it's because your humble correspondent fainted abruptly upon digesting said information. Japanese gamers can also look forward to an instalment of the Tales RPG series for July 2003, along with an original RPG for the end of next year, but it seems unlikely that either title will appear in the West. GameBoy Advance owners can look forward to Family Tennis Advance and Famista Advance this June, along with Mr. Driller Ace and Klonoa of the Wind G2 in August. Looking further ahead, Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2 is due to appear in October with another Klonoa game in November and then an untitled puzzle game and Tales of Phantasia aimed squarely at December. Of those, the Klonoa games and Family Tennis are likely to make their way westwood. Related Feature - Namco announces E3 line-up

Source - GameSpot