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Namco announces E3 line-up

Highlights: Xenosaga, Ninja Assault, Tekken 4, Dead to Rights

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Joining the illustrious ranks of Ubi Soft and Sega, Namco has announced its E3 line-up for 2002. Although Soul Calibur 2 and the rumoured Ridge Racer VI will be absent from the show floor, the good news is that a US version of Xenosaga will be on-hand (due for release in Q1 2003), flanked by PS2 versions of Tekken 4 (August) and Ninja Assault (TBA). Xbox owners will once again catch a glimpse of action / noir thriller Dead to Rights (TBA). Here's a proper rundown -

Tekken 4 (PS2)

Xenosaga (PS2)

Ninja Assault (PS2)

Pac-Man World 2 (PS2/Cube/Xbox)

Pac-Man Fever (PS2/Cube)

Namco Museum (PS2/Cube/Xbox)

Dead to Rights (Xbox)

Source - IGN

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