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Chimpionship Manager

Look at the monkey!

Championship Manager developers Sports Interactive today revealed that they have made a bid for some of ITV Digital's assets. Namely, the bankrupt broadcaster's infamous monkey mascot, seen in countless bizarre adverts over the last few months. Replicas of the monkey were also given away to new subscribers, many of whom are no doubt now sticking pins into the toys in the hopes of causing a slow and lingering death to the company's management as more and more of their channels get switched off each day. "Quick to spot the potential of the Monkey business, Sports Interactive was among the first to put in a bid for the rights to the Monkey character", according to a press release issued earlier this afternoon. "A successful bid would also result in Sports Interactive taking responsibility for liberating the thousands of Monkey cuddly toys currently imprisoned in a warehouse at an undisclosed address in battery farm style conditions." Sports Interactive director Miles "Monkey Lover" Jacobson claimed that "all of us at SI love the Monkey character", adding that "we would be delighted to see him associated with Sports Interactive and Championship Manager in the future". Note, some or all of the above may in fact be completely untrue. Related Feature - The Old Firm Flies South

Source - press release