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Nintendo fills the Cube

Various acts announced to appear in seven-foot Clear Cube

More details have emerged of Nintendo's Clear Cube campaign this morning. The company tells us that plans are afoot to show the world exclusive video of Asher D's new single, and popular beat combos Soil and allSTARS are also expected to appear outside HMV in Covent Garden over the course of the following week. Fans of Asher D - apparently one of those So Solid Crew hoodlums - should pencil 12 noon on Saturday or Sunday (27th and 28th of April) into their diaries and haul backside down to Covent Garden, 40-42 King Street, London WC2. But please don't shoot anybody. Meanwhile, Soil, described by the press release as "hard rock", will be slinging the sounds of their new album around the same seven-foot Cube standing outside HMV, Covent Garden, on Wednesday, 1st May. Completing the musical line-up, "the latest teen sensation," allSTARS will be making an appearance on the penultimate day of the run-up to the GameCube launch, performing tracks from their forthcoming album inside the Clear Cube. We were offered an interview, but we declined… And then of course, to top it all off, eager Nintendo fans can queue around the block at HMV stores in Birmingham (38 High Street, B4 7SL), Glasgow (Unit 6, Argyle Street, G2 8AD), and Oxford Street, London (150 Oxford Street, W1N 1DJ), where from midnight on Thursday, 2nd May, you will be able to purchase a GameCube console. Although you might want to take your credit card, because we're still hearing conflicting reports about the price… In the meantime, Nintendo has also announced a few additions to its UK marketing plan. Joining forces with Yahoo!, the company will sponsor FIFAworldcup.com, the official website for the you-know-what, as well as teaming up with MTV Europe to help promote the console. Related Feature - Watch out for Clear Cubes