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Watch out for Clear Cubes

Nintendo's latest wacky advertising campaign takes off this Friday

Nintendo has launched a bizarre advertising campaign which centres around enormous clear cubes. Or Clear Cubes, if you're Nintendo. The campaign will see huge transparent Cubes, either packed or surrounded by a fixture of diverse entertainment and live performances, appearing outside three major HMV stores in England and Scotland. Notwithstanding the lack of details, this still sounds fairly interesting. But as we delve a little deeper into Nintendo's latest press release, it becomes clear that the seven-foot Cubes will house a range of entertainers; kitsch dancers, contortionists and magicians are promised, along with aerobics and Tai Chi sessions to attract passers-by. If you fancy stopping by, the Clear Cubes will be on display outside HMV stores in Covent Garden, London, The Pavilion Centre, Birmingham and Argyle Street, Glasgow, from this Friday, 26th April until Thursday, 2nd May, the day before the console's launch in Europe. The latest Nintendo press release still refers to the console's price point as £129, fuelling speculation that retailers may already receive a reasonable margin on that figure, and that an embarrassing pre-launch price bump from agitated retailers will not impede the company's advertising efforts as it did when the original pricing was unveiled. Related Feature - Nintendo busts out the chequebook

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