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GameCube €199 / £129

Nintendo reduces price of GameCube in Europe, and it hasn't even launched yet

Nintendo today announced that GameCube, launching across Europe on 3rd May, will launch at a recommended retail price of €199, and is expected to retail in the UK at £129. Nintendo has promised approximately 500,000 units for the European launch of GameCube, and this new low price will doubtless mean these sell out immediately. When Nintendo originally announced the launch price of €249 / £150 for its GameCube console in Europe, retailers in the UK had to increase the price in order to achieve a reasonable margin. Whether we will see a repeat of that is at present unknown. Last Thursday, Microsoft cut the price of its Xbox videogames console to €299 / £199 to try and boost sales across the continent. Even if Microsoft weren't trying to prove a point, Nintendo certainly is. Related Feature - Xbox price cut to €299

Source - press release