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Xbox price cut to €299

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German investment and markets news site is reporting that Microsoft will slash the price of Xbox across Europe from 26th April, in an attempt to redress the balance in the perilous console market. Microsoft Xbox will be cut in price from €479 (£299) to €299 (£185, but likely to end up £199). Consumers who have already purchased the console will soon be in the position to receive two free games and a controller upon presentation of their receipt. Confirmation of the move comes from Microsoft's chief of operations in Germany, Hans Stettmeier. "People are interested, but the main complaint is price," he admitted, echoing the musings of virtually every journalist on and around the continent. The plan brings the console into line with European PlayStation 2 pricing, making Sony's ubiquitous console a realistic target for the once-floundering Xbox. With the right software and the impending release of Controller S, the console now has the potential to capitalise on its strengths, diminish one of its chief drawbacks and destroy the other. If true, this dramatic u-turn should at least emphasize Microsoft's commitment to this market. Related Feature - X Marks The Spot

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