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Xbox Live details emerge

Online console gaming takes shape

The Official Xbox Magazine is reporting that the first five online Xbox games for the US will be MechAssault, Whacked!, Unreal Championship, Ghost Recon and NFL Fever. This information comes courtesy of Microsoft's US Product Manager Steve Fowler, speaking at a presentation in London earlier today. The Xbox Live service, as it will be known, will launch later in the year in the US, and with the exception of NFL Fever the above titles are all expected to appear as part of the equivalent European service. Details to be announced. Fowler also revealed that MechAssault will feature an online matchmaking service, voice commander support with voice-altering software and full team play for between eight and sixteen players. Information about pricing was not discussed. Expect to hear more about Xbox Live at E3, when Microsoft is expected to reveal full details of the rollout. Related Feature - Xbox price cut to €299

Source - OXM