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Distributor comments on Xbox price cut

"This should allow it to compete with PlayStation 2"

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At the crack of dawn this morning, Microsoft confirmed its plans to reduce the price of Xbox in Europe to €299 / £199, effectively relaunching the console at this new price point on 26th April, and providing software reparations for consumers who have already acquired consoles at the higher price point. We asked Andy Ingham of Play Distribution whether he thought the Xbox in Europe has been a success. "I don't think you can call it a success in any sense of the word, so far," he told us, somewhat brutally, "but then it's far too early to really say. The price drop should make a big difference to the situation." The price cut is already popular in the retail sector and with distributors, but what sort of effect will the move have on sales, both in hardware and software? "Fantastic, I'd imagine," Andy enthused. "It's definitely got to increase sales, and this should allow it to compete with PlayStation 2." The other question on our lips was whether this reduction would affect GameCube sales. GameCube launches a week after the Xbox price cut, which is unlikely to prove a coincidence. "I don't think it will have much effect, really," he told us. "It's a different kind of market. These products seem to be targeted towards a younger age group, so I say it probably won't affect sales of the GameCube at all. They will be what they are." Related Feature - Xbox price cut to €299

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