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Final Fantasy Anthology confirmed

FFIV and V scheduled for release in May

At last, Sony has confirmed the forthcoming release of Final Fantasy Anthology on PlayStation in Europe this May. The package will consist of Final Fantasy IV and V, as previously speculated, but no pricing information is currently available. Neither game has been released in Europe in the 11 years since development finished, but FFIV made it to the States as Final Fantasy II. FFV was first translated into English for its use in the Anthology set Stateside. Although over there, IV and Chrono Trigger were released as Chronicles and V and VI were Anthology. Confused? I bloody was. Veterans of the 16-bit formats will doubtless want to add these to their collections. Apart from the GBA version of Final Fantasy Tactics, it is not thought that Square plans to delve any further into its past for further re-releases at this time. Although that said, a Final Fantasy Mystic Quest update for the GBA would be delightful, if you're reading, chaps. Final Fantasy Anthology is due out on 15th May, 2002. Related Feature - FF Anthology Europe-bound

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