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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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FF Anthology Europe-bound

Might include Final Fantasy X demo!

Squaresoft has announced that the European release of Final Fantasy X will be delayed until Summer 2002 due to the extraordinary task of localising the game for non-English language versions. Although obviously an English language version of the game exists - and very nice it is too - us Brits won't be treated to it in lieu of the extensive localisation period. Bah. However, is reporting that a demo of Final Fantasy X will accompany the Springtime release of the Final Fantasy Anthology in Europe. Don't get your hopes too high though, Final Fantasy Anthology isn't a complete collection of existing FF games; it's the combination of Final Fantasy V and VI, two of the best pre-PlayStation Fantasies in the series. Remade and mastered for PSone owners in the States and Japan, the games will be available in the UK shortly as a two-piece bundle. Whether a soundtrack CD will be included as per the American release, we cannot say. Either way, fans of Final Fantasy will have something to look forward to shortly. Our only wish beyond Anthology is for Final Fantasy Chronicles to be released. Chronicles consists of Final Fantasy IV as well as the remastered version of Chrono Trigger, neither of which were released in Europe. Whatever Square's plans, Anthology should do extremely well on its release. Expect to see a myriad gushing reviews streaking through the specialist press. Old-school Final Fantasy is irresistible. Related Feature - Final Fantasy X preview

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Source - (thanks to Lee Tonks)