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Onimusha, Resident go Platinum

Capcom Eurosoft's PS2 blockbusters soon to cost £19.99

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Capcom Eurosoft looks set to join the illustrious ranks of PlayStation 2 Platinum sellers, when its two chart-topping adventure games, Onimusha : Warlords and Resident Evil Code : Veronica X, are relaunched on Sony's budget label this coming June. Onimusha : Warlords was launched to almost universal critical acclaim last year, before soaring past its sales targets and establishing itself as one of the most colourful, intense and graphically impressive adventures ever to issue forth from the halls of Mega Man and Street Fighter. Cursed by flaky control and camera systems, the game may struggle to stand up to the likes of Capcom's own Devil May Cry nowadays, but at £19.99 it deserves investigating. Perhaps even for the $2 million intro movie alone. The game's popularity also inspired its conversion to Microsoft Xbox, where it launches this Friday as the vaguely updated Genma Onimusha. Resident Evil Code : Veronica X makes a slightly less convincing argument as a Platinum title. Undoubtedly the most visually stunning chapter of the Resident Evil saga, it is nonetheless a sloppy conversion, and whether we liked the Dreamcast original or not, the control system is diabolical, and a number of other niggles also endured. That said, Resident Evil has a lot of fans, with whom this PS2 Platinum release will no doubt strike a chord. Onimusha 2 : Samurai's Destiny is due out on PlayStation 2 this autumn, along with a remake of the original Resident Evil for Nintendo GameCube. Related Feature - PS2 goes Platinum

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