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PS2 goes Platinum

Sony's famous budget line returns; MGS2 PS2 bundle to be made available

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Sony has whipped the wraps off its new PlayStation 2 Platinum range, to be made up of nine games including four first-party releases. Gran Turismo 3 : A-Spec (10/10), Tekken Tag Tournament, Formula One 2001 and Dead or Alive 2 are to be joined by TimeSplitters (9/10) from Eidos Interactive, Crazy Taxi from Acclaim, Oni (7/10) from Take 2 Interactive, Red Faction (9/10) from THQ and Star Wars : Starfighter (9/10) from Activision. The range is set to go live on March 1st with GT3 available first, priced at £19.99 (€32.75). Meanwhile, Sony has also confirmed that a special Metal Gear Solid 2 PlayStation 2 bundle will be made available when Solid Snake returns to Europe. Although the bundle will not include the special edition DVD shipping with retail copies of MGS2, it will be priced at £229.99 (€377.15), some £15 cheaper than buying the console and game individually.

Source - Sony twice

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