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Microsoft sees Redshift

Curly Monsters Ltd. hard at work on a new Xbox racer

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Apart from RalliSport Challenge and Project Gotham Racing, Xbox fans can also start looking forward to Quantum Redshift, Microsoft's newly announced racer set 100 years in the future and boasting speeds in excess of 650mph. Quantum Redshift seems to focus on vendettas and grudge-bearing, with a strong back story defining each of the game's characters. Rivalries are said to develop through cutscenes and tussling across the game's 16 tracks. A stupendous arsenal of weapons has been envisaged for the game by developer Curly Monsters Ltd., and we're promised a four player race mode along with an involved single player campaign. Quantum Redshift is due out in the States this autumn, with a European announcement to follow. Related Feature - Quantum Redshift screenshots

Source - press release

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