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Dead Or Alive : The Movie

Another game heads to the big screen

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The flood of bizarre game to movie conversions continues unabated this week, with Tecmo's cleavage flashing beat 'em up Dead Or Alive the latest franchise to get signed on by Hollywood. Oddly enough the production company behind the bid is indie group Mindfire Entertainment, which was responsible for the hilarious Free Enterprise a few years back. For those of you not lucky enough to have stumbled across this gem, it's a kind of Swingers for geeks about a group of thirty year old kids with a passion for comic books, action figures and obscure sci-fi movies, guest starring Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, playing a washed up actor .. William Shatner. So we do at least have some hope that Dead Or Alive : The Movie will turn out to be more than another abysmal Street Fighter style cash-in, although we're a little baffled that Free Enterprise co-writer and Mindfire COO Mark Altman has declared Dead Or Alive to be "the perfect motion picture franchise", given the game's almost total lack of plot and the fact that the nearest it comes to have well rounded characters is the skimpily clad girls that grace every advert for it. Either way, production is expected to start later this year and the movie should be in the cinemas some time in 2003, so we'll know soon whether Altman and co can make anything of this or if it's destined to be another big budget disaster. Related Feature - Tekken movie in the works

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