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Combat Flight Simulator : The Movie?

Ok, maybe not, but Crimson Skies and Halo could be on their way to Hollywood

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Microsoft is the latest company to hop on the Lara Croft bandwagon, taking on CAA as their agents in an attempt to interest Hollywood in their latest PC and Xbox games. Microsoft Games manager Stuart Mulder admitted that "we don't understand Hollywood", but he's hopeful that CAA and their network of contacts in the TV and movie industries can raise interest in the publisher's franchises. Naturally interest has centered on the smash Xbox hit Halo, although bizarrely Age of Empires is also mentioned in a story by the Hollywood Reporter. Although the historical strategy series was certainly a big seller, we're not quite sure how it would translate into a movie, and even CAA's Bryan Lourd confessed that "not every game will translate to traditional entertainment". The report also mentions that negotiations are still underway between Microsoft and DreamWorks to turn their fantasy flight combat game Crimson Skies into a movie. With its fun alternate history sky pirates setting, flamboyant characters, fanciful planes and spectacular dogfights we can just about see this one working on the big screen. "I think we'll see traditional Hollywood turning to game creators because this global creative group is full of amazing ideas", according to Lourd. "In creating these games, developers go to great lengths in developing complex characters with individual histories and massive universes." Which is obviously why the movie industry tends to license big-selling plot-free games such as Tekken, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Crazy Taxi and State of Emergency. Hm .. maybe that Age of Empires movie rumour does make sense after all. Related Feature - New Line Emergency

Source - Hollywood Reporter

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