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New Line Emergency

State of Emergency movie in the works - god help us

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New Line Cinema today hopped on the Lara Croft : Tomb Raider bandwagon by signing a licensing deal with Scottish game developers VIS Entertainment. Yes, the latest bizarre game-inspired movie to get the green light is .. State Of Emergency. The reportedly not very good street fighting game for the PlayStation 2 seems an unlikely source of inspiration for a blockbuster movie, but New Line president Toby Emmerich apparently believes that "State Of Emergency is an action franchise waiting to happen". A disaster waiting to happen, more likely. The fact that the writing duo of Damian Shannon and Mark Swift (whose latest meisterwerk is .. er .. horror franchise spin-off Freddy vs Jason) are developing the script hardly fills us with confidence, while American Pie's Warren Zide and Craig Perry will be producing the movie. "To be able to create a franchisable action movie that appeals to young audiences based on a highly successful video game is something we've been looking for and State of Emergency is a perfect fit", Zide declared. State Of Emergency : The Motion Picture comes hot on the heels of other great ideas for game to movie conversions such as Crazy Taxi and Soul Calibur. Please, make it stop. Related Feature - Disaster Movies

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