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Chardot p-p-picks up a Penguin

Alone In The Dark designer gets award from IGDA

The International Game Developers Association has revealed that it will be giving the bizarrely named "First Penguin Award" to French designer Hubert Chardot at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose later this month. The award is intended to "acknowledge developers who have shown a willingness to take risks for potential advancements in game development", and in this case it comes in recognition of Chardot's work on the pioneering horror survival game Alone In The Dark. Hubert himself was said to be well chuffed with the gong, proclaiming that "this award has inspired me to work harder and I hope it will encourage others to take more risks in their work". We can only hope that this resolution and recognition will lead to better games from him in future, as his last couple of titles (Devil Inside and From Dusk Till Dawn) were both sadly flawed, apparently the result of tight schedules enforced by a cash-strapped publisher. Related Feature - Hubert Chardot interview

Hubert Chardot, quite possibly the scariest looking man in the gaming industry

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