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Halo set for Japan

Misses the launch, but the Japanese can play it in April

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This time next week the Xbox launches in Japan, priced marginally above the market-leading Sony PlayStation 2. Missing from its launch line-up though is famed first person shooter Halo, and according to the new-look IGN, Microsoft has finally announced when Japanese gamers will be able to get their hands on it: April 25th. Until then, gamers in the land of the rising sun will have to make do with the platform's few Japanese market exclusives such as Dead or Alive 3, Project Gotham Racing and Jet Set Radio Future, or one of the various ports launching alongside the console, such as Silent Hill 2 or Onimusha. Japanese gamers have not traditionally gone for first person shooters, preferring RPGs amongst others. With Halo Microsoft is hoping to buck the trend and will be mounting an aggressive advertising campaign to try and penetrate the Japanese market. Related Feature - Japanese Xbox launch unveiled

This is Halo, but it is not yesterday

Source - IGN

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