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Hercules sticks to Kyro

"Hercules remains strong and committed"

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Following on from the news that STMicroelectronics plans to sell its PC graphics business to focus on other ventures, we found this statement via PVR-Net on the PowerVR mailing list from Hercules regarding its 3D Prophet 4000 / 4500 cards and the future release of the 3D Propet 4800. "In response to STMicroelectronics' recent announcement to divest its graphics chipset manufacturing interests, we wanted to assure you that Hercules remains strong and committed to bringing you only the best in graphics technology. Hercules 4000 and 4500 series cards will continue to be available to you and your customers as we have secured ample inventory to fulfill everyone's needs. For the future, we will work with selected vendors in developing and marketing advanced, quality Hercules branded products. Our commitment to offering the very best support to our customers, and your customers remains a priority by providing updated drivers, installation, configuration and field application support, as well as phone and online support personnel. Finally, in the coming months we will aggressively move to position our 4000 and 4500 series cards as industry leaders, and reinforce that with the addition of the much anticipated 3D Prophet 4800, thus ensuring the longevity of our '4' series products" Related Feature - ST quits the graphics biz

Source - PVR-Net

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