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ST quits the graphics biz

Nearly twenty-million Euros revenue is apparently not worth bothering about

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STMicroelectronics has announced that it is withdrawing from the PC graphics accelerator market and is currently seeking a buyer for the related assets and activities of its PC graphics business. ST's graphics business accounted for approximately $15 million (£10.57m / €17.17m) of its $6.36 billion (£4.48bn / €7.28bn) revenues in 2001. ST is famed for its Kyro and Kyro II accelerators, which currently power a number of cards in Hercules' graphics line-up. This may mean the end of PowerVR tile-based rendering unless someone decides to scoop up ST's assets and begin anew. ST plans to focus on a number of its other, more lucrative businesses including set-top boxes, DVD and digital TV applications and peripherals.

Source - The Tech Report

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